The MOM and POP Workshop


On the day of a Moments of Magic (MOM) and Psychology of Persuasion (POP) workshop you learn and experience what will empower you to be a more effective and influential person. You will identify crucial moments of truths with your internal and external clients. You will explore the psychology of persuasion and learn what causes people to change, to act, and to say YES in business settings.


The workshop is based on the research and applied scientific work at The Harvard Program on Negotiation (PON), the University of AZ’s Dr. Robert Cialdini, and twenty year development of combining techniques of exceeding client satisfaction, ethically persuading and influencing clients, and interactive dialog marketing for the tech, financial and health sectors.

A systematic approach to achieve personal and operational excellence. Together we will identify every “moment of truth” you have as a team member.  A moment of truth is simply a point of interaction where there is a conscious or subconscious expectation. We will identify and define falling below, meeting, and exceeding expectations at every moment of truth. This information empowers the organization to identify KPI’s and set measurable key performance goals.

POP and beyond.
The successes of professionals and the organizations they represent are measured by their ability to meet specific results and outcomes. Those goals are in part met by reasoning, persuading, and inspiring others to share a vision and to pursue a common purpose. We live in social and business environments where those who are the most persuasive are the most prosperous. How successful you are in your professional and personal life depends, to an extent, on your ability to ethically influence others. How successful an organization is depends greatly on the ability of its employees and as a dynamic fluid team to influence others.

I am dedicated to helping you become the most influential person you can be.

Michael Horsch Fizz


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