Since our establishment in 2003, FCI  has been at the forefront of driving operational excellence and catalyzing business innovation. We pride ourselves on providing collaborative consulting services that enable our clients to not only thrive but also lead in their respective industries.

Our Expertise:

At FCI, we possess exceptional expertise in various crucial areas:

Business Development: Our team excels at crafting and executing strategies that drive growth, revenue expansion, and market penetration.

Marketing and Sales: We are masters of creating and implementing marketing and sales plans that yield tangible results, including increased brand recognition and revenue.

Strategic Analysis: Our strategic analysis capabilities empower organizations to make informed decisions, optimize resources, and seize opportunities.

Vendor Review and Analysis: We help clients make wise vendor choices, ensuring they align with their goals and contribute to their success.

Product Development: Our innovative approach to product development fosters the creation of groundbreaking products that meet market demands.

Operations: FCI’s operational expertise streamlines processes, enhances efficiency, and maximizes productivity.

Our Impact:

Over the years, our advisors and associates have played pivotal roles in fast-growth startups and established companies, accelerating revenue and profit growth. We have consistently guided organizations toward exciting and creative directions:

Revenue Growth: We excel in not only meeting but exceeding revenue goals, driving sustainable financial success.

Corporate Image: FCI has a track record of enhancing corporate image and reputation in the eyes of stakeholders, customers, and partners.

Innovation: We have spearheaded the development of innovative product and service offerings that capture market attention.

Market Expansion: Our strategies have led to extended market reach, tapping into new customer segments and geographies.

Our Experience:

Collectively, our team boasts over a century of experience. This wealth of knowledge and insights has been instrumental in identifying and aggressively pursuing market opportunities. At FCI, we thrive on challenges and excel in transforming them into profitable endeavors.

Partner with us to experience the FCI difference, where excellence, innovation, and profitability converge.

Michael Horsch Fizz

MHF Profile Photo
Mchael, Founder and President, FCI

As the founder and president of FCI, I take pride in delivering C-Level strategy advisory services, business development expertise, and go-to-market analysis to our valued clients. My extensive career spanning multiple sectors, including technology, health, and finance, has been marked by a fundamental principle: empowering the human element.

Empowering the Human Element:

In my journey, I’ve recognized the paramount importance of harnessing the potential of individuals and teams within organizations. To this end, I’ve embraced and developed methodologies aimed at ensuring that every individual and team can excel while aligning with the vision and mission of the organization.

Measurable Key Performance Goals:

One key aspect of this philosophy is the development of measurable key performance goals. I firmly believe that these goals serve as the driving force, motivating and energizing employees. Moreover, they play a crucial role in aligning individual and team efforts with the organization’s financial and cultural objectives.

By instilling a sense of purpose, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and setting clear, measurable benchmarks for success, organizations can not only achieve their goals but also exceed them. My commitment to this principle has been a driving force behind my success in diverse sectors.

I invite you to partner with FCI and experience the transformative power of human empowerment, strategy, and goal-driven excellence. Together, we can turn your organization’s vision into reality, fueling growth, and achieving lasting success.


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