Contracted HIPAA Compliance Officer Needed

We have a client in need of a HIPAA Compliance Officer able to conduct audits.  Must have the ability and experience to review employeeHIPAA policy adherence coupled with a review of the internal as well as partner digital practices.

The client will need to deliver a comprehensive report with remediation recommendations.

$135 to $195/hour based on experience.  The initial estimated length of the project is 60 to 100 hours.  Post audit and remediation the right candidate will be given a retainer for follow up projects.

Start date November 4th, 2019

  • IPAA Compliance Officer must have a thorough knowledge of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules and the solutions available that will allow him or her to develop a HIPAA compliance program.
  • Compliance Officer must document audit progress towards its implementation. In order to achieve this, a system should be created that enables the client to monitor the status of the organization´s HIPAA compliance moving forward.
  • The system should allow the HIPAA Compliance Officer to prioritize efforts towards compliance and communicate priorities. It should also act as a conduit through which compliance concerns can be raised and organizational changes coordinated.
  • The HIPAA Compliance Officer is responsible for developing training programs and executing training courses. These should be designed to help employees understand HIPAA compliance and how any changes implemented will affect their specific duties.
  • The HIPAA Compliance Officer is responsible for monitoring HHS´ and the state´s regulatory requirements. When new regulations or guidelines are introduced, the Officer must adjust the organization´s HIPAA compliance program to reflect the changes.