Since 2003, FitCEO, Inc. (FCI) has empowered clients to obtain profitable operational excellence and accelerate business innovation by providing collaborative consulting services. We are known for our exceptional talents in business development, marketing, sales, strategic analysis, vendor review and analysis, product development and operations. Our independent advisors and associates have accelerated revenue and profit growth in both fast-growth and start-up divisions and companies. They have been instrumental in evolving organizations in exciting, creative directions in terms of meeting and exceeding revenue goals, enhanced corporate image, innovative product/service offerings, and extended market reach. Our combined one hundred plus years of experience are characterized by our ability to successfully identify and aggressively capture market opportunities.

Michael Horsch Fizz

Providing C-Level advisory services, business development and go to market services and analysis since 2003.

Lucratively empowering the human element, I bring the solutions empowering companies to exceed revenue goals and achieve operational excellence.

As a principal advisor to corporations, private equity firms and individual investors, I have accelerated ROI’s of up to 500% through business development and go to market services and analysis, tech sector insights, data collection and interpretation, and organization behavior analysis. Clients include Fidelity Investments, Bain, BNY Mellon, Wellington Management Company, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and others.


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