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FCI Professional Services Sales Strategies

For those systems integrators and VAR's seeking to train a technology sales force, enhance their marketing capabilities or develop a new professional services business strategy to be more successful in generating increased professional services and consulting revenue, we offer customized in-house training and consulting programs.  Our training is delivered to you and your team on your schedule wherever you need us.

Our on-site training include:

1. IT strategic sales team training;
2. Marketing and lead generation program assessment and development;
3. IT business model growth assessment and recommendation program;
4. How to create a “value forward” marketing program;
5. Sales strategy development and process consulting;
6. Sales leadership and motivational;
7. Executive coaching;
8. Business development and partner program assessments;
9. IT sales negotiation and objection management;
10. Market gap analysis;
11. Key account sales development and training programs;
12. Sales quota and sales forecasting development;
13. Sales management training;
14. How to cold call management and sell value;
15. How to give executive briefings that stimulate buying action steps;
16. Inside sales training to generate leads and sell IT;
17. Operations department sales and marketing assessment and development.

S.I. Executives: Schedule a free phone consult to review your present challenges.

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FCI Client Contract Negotiations

We will work with you to:
- Set the stage for productive negotiations;
- Diagnose and treat problematic negotiations;
- Increase and distribute value;
- Manage relationships during the negotiation process;
- Deal with obstacles and complicated factors;
- Create sustainable agreements/long-term relationships;
- Manage multi-partner terms.

S.I. Executives: Schedule a free phone consult to review your present challenges.

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ITSMA's Rapid Research
Get Fast and Affordable Research NOW.

Marketing and sales leaders rely on ITSMA (Information Technology Services Marketing Association) for ongoing insight into customer priorities and perspectives, industry benchmarks and best practices, as well as new strategies for market success.

FCI's clients have found ITSMA's research team brings together extensive research and analysis skills, deep industry knowledge and experience, a great reputation for being easy to work with, and a total commitment to meeting your needs.

ITSMA provides research, consulting, and training to the world's leading technology, communications, and professional services providers.

If you don't have time or budget to launch a major study, yet you don't want to fly blind, ITSMA now offers another great alternative: Rapid Research.

ITSMA's Rapid Research program provides the incisive data and analysis you need to support critical business decisions in ten days or less. Balancing the need for speed with the demand for fact-based marketing can often seem impossible, especially in today's resource-constrained environment. Most research houses demand high fees and long timelines, but you may not be able to wait as you are:

- Launching a new offer.
- Testing new value propositions.
- Targeting a new segment.
- Polling the sales force.
- Reorganizing channel programs.

Rapid Research is fast, affordable, and tailored to your needs. Get Fast and Affordable Research NOW.

ITSMA is based in Lexington, Massachusetts, and has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and Japan. To learn more about our organization and our services please visit, email us at, or call +1-781-862-8500.

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Comprehensive Business Strategies

FCI and Allan Steinmetz from Inward Strategic Consulting position integrators and vendors to achieve high performance by collaborating with them to develop comprehensive business strategies around:

- Marketing Strategy & Brand Positioning
- Internal/HR Branding
- Change Management
- Employee Communications
- HR/Change Communications
- Team Alignment & Facilitation
- Market Research (Qualitative & Quantitative)
- Experiential/Event Communications
- Training and Workshops
- Vision, Mission and Culture
- Operational Excellence in Ninety Days

Inward Strategic Consulting is a dynamic management consulting firm founded by Allan Steinmetz, a renowned and respected thought leader in the marketing management and consulting field. Inward Strategic Consulting is dedicated to enrolling the constituencies of an organization to be supportive of major change initiatives. As a result, the employees become knowledgeable about how the business works, become inspired and motivated to work there and are supportive and enrolled behind the corporate strategic initiatives and leadership of the company. The organization will focus on things that matter most like customers, product development and creating new channels.


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Competitive Analysis

To excel, high-tech systems integrators require competitor and market share analysis. Executive managers, product managers, sales managers, and marketing managers all require business and competitor intelligence to make critical decisions. They need to analyze a competitor's go to market strategy, strategic partnerships and general strengths and weaknesses.

FCI and our resources will define your technology sector's strategic and tactical successes and failures. Coupled with gathered market and competitive intelligence we will work with you to define, implement and measure your success plan.


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Corporate Performance Review

Where do you stand in comparison to your internal measures as well as the industry? Financial, Operational, Marketing, Support and Sales performance reviews are available as stand alone or holistic reviews. FCI's resources will apply the appropriate Business Performance Review Methodologies (BPRM) and report the findings with recommendations in a honest and direct manner.

- Performance Reviews Available:
- Operational - logistics and inter/intra communications
- Organizational - climate and culture
- Sales
- Marketing
- Product / Service Development
- Financial
- Client Support


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Business and Financial Models

Our ongoing research provides VAR's and Systems Integrators with performance norms, segmented by business models in areas such as:
- Profitability;
- Margin;
- Utilization of billable resources;
- Sales compensation as a percent of gross profit;
- Core competencies;
- The impact of value-added products and services;
- Collections of receivables;
- Financial liquidity;

Our research also covers business model trends among VAR's and Systems Integrators and studies the external forces that are affecting these companies. Our staff not only compiles the performance norms and trends critical to your business, it also analyzes the practices of profitable and established companies and what differentiates them from less successful companies.


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Mediation and Negotiation

Michael Horsch Fizz has successfully negotiated over five hundred client, vendor and partner agreements. In addition, FCI's mediation to address partner and internal organizational conflicts will expedite proper realignment of common goals.

Law and Systems Integrators

FCI helps identify the right legal resources required to meet the challenges of protecting and representing the high-tech systems integrators. FCI's legal partners apply the traditional principles of dedicated and thorough legal practice at cost-effective rates to the fast-paced and ever-changing environment of intellectual property and information technology. The application of ideas and the development of technology to implement those ideas require the representation of clients by counsel knowledgeable and skilled in the application of traditional legal theories relevant to that technology.

FCIs legal resources specialize in information technology and intellectual property and are positioned to represent the wide variety of issues confronting those in the intellectual property and technology field, including:

- partner and client agreements;
- non-disclosure agreements;
- licensing agreements;
- outsourcing agreements;
- copyright application, registration, and infringements;
- trade secrets;
- contract disputes;
- assignments of intellectual property.

In addition, we are able to provide our clients with adept drafting of appropriate consulting and affiliation contracts, employment agreements, OEM agreements, teaming agreements and contracts required to protect intellectual property.


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Tech Sector Reviews and Vendor Reviews

As the Principal Advisor at FCI since 2003,  I specialize in monitoring and predicting industry trends coupled with quantitative and qualitative reviews of technology vendors.  I provide extensive SWOT reviews and Enterprise IT demands and spending trends. Technology sectors include but are not limited to: Enterprise Server, Storage and Networking, Software Defined Networking (SDN) and OpenFlow, Cloud Initiatives in IaaS, Paas, and SaaS, Unified Computing, Security Software and Appliances, WAN Optimization, Unified Communications, Network and Application Performance Monitoring, Network Application Management, Acceleration and Optimization, as well other related technologies.

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Michael Horsch Fizz
Principal Advisor


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