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Unifying Vetted Employers and Vetted Tech Sales Professionals 

TSI Exclusive Tech Sales Positions

TSI is the only organization vetting both employer and job seeker. 

Screened and vetted employers with open positions incur no fees for posting positions.  And hiring our tech sales professional members is free. 

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FREE Employment Eligability Verification Serivces

As a Registered E-Verify Employer Agent for US Homeland Security we will conduct the Employment Eligability Verification.


Image7t technology sales,business development and marketing positions.  Employers have access to vetted and qualified job seekers.


Image8t technology sales,business development and marketing positions.  Employers have access to vetted and qualified job seekers.


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Tech Sales Institute (TSI) Career Center

TSI directly links employers and technology sales candidates. 

Tech Sales Institute (TSI) guarantees validated tech sales, marketing, business development, and sales management jobs. Across North America we deliver only current and positions directly from vetted vendors, manufacturers, systems integrators, VAR's and service providers. You connect directly, confidentially and securly.


Validated and vetted candidates with successful sales records obtain immediate TSI Technology Sales Certified status
.  Upon successful member registration and vetting, TSI issues a Certification Number, Designation Level, and Good Standing Status.  The Tech Sales Institute (TSI) Certification designation is EXCLUSIVELY awarded to vetted, committed, honest and knowledgeable consultative technology sales persons.  Vetted TSI Members qualify for one of three certification designations: 

Certified Technology Sales Expert (C.T.S.P.)
Certified Technology Sales Professional (C.T.S.P.)
Certified Technology  Sales Institute Member (C.T.M.)
 TSI Certification Categories

Whether you are new to the field of technology sales or an experienced expert in the profession, by choosing Tech Sales Institute (TSI) you're on your way to obtaining recognition for your accomplishments and receiving one of three technology sales certification designations.

Upon identity validation, vetting of resume information, and determination of sales tenure, your certification is designated and your certification number is assigned.  Certified members of TSI have immediate full and unrestricted access to all technology sales resources and career opportunities posted by vetted employers and partners.

TSI certification demonstrates to employers, clients, and the industry you are a proven, established, and distinguished technology sales professional.

Tech Sales Institute (TSI) delivers exclusive tools and resources to technology sales professionals and the organizations hiring and retaining technology sales professionals.  The primary focus of TSI is to DIRECTLY bring together vetted hiring employers with vetted technology sales professionals.  All member services are included and free upon Tech Sales Institute membership approval. 

TSI Membership Dues for Tech Sales Professionals

TSI Annual Membership is inclusive and includes all services and certifications.

  Initial Year Subsequent Years
TSI Annual Membership $389 $189
TSI Annual Membership / US Veteran $289 $159

Members may freeze or cancel annually with a fifteen day notice.  TSI guarantees if we are unable to fully validate and vet a member candidate, 65% of the initial subscription fee will be refunded.   
You may freeze your membership for up to two months, but only once per calendar year*.  Access to TSI tools and job searches are suspended.  

Tech Sales Institute Members Requirements
Certified Member Certified Professional Certified Expert
Vetted Registered Member of Tech Sales Institute   Required Required Required
Validated Technology Sales Positions Listed in Resume     Required Required
Validated Educational Background     Required Required
Peer / Employer / Client Testimonials     3 3
Validated Tenure as a Sales Professional   0-11 Months 12-47 Months 48 + Months
Designation C.T.M. C.T.S.P. C.T.S.E.
Exclusive Tech Sales Institute Resources   Included Included Included
Anonymity (Optional) Default Default Default Default

Approved Format for Resumes, Business Cards and Literature.

1) Joe Sample, CTSP #8125
2) Ann Techsales, 
Certified Technology Sales Professional #9565
Certification designation after your name makes a strong impact on employers, clients, and peers.

Employer and Partner Certification

Certified Technology Sales Institute Employer Partner (C.T.E.P.)
TSI's exclusive, secure, and private tech sales job program is 100% free to all TSI vetted technology employers and partners.  There are NO costs incurred to become a vetted employer member.  There are NO costs to post positions.  There are NO costs incurred when hiring a TSI certified tech sales professional.  AND through FCI, a US Homeland Security E-Verify Agent, we offer free US Employment Eligibility Services. 

TSI Certified Employer

Vetting and Certification are included upon member approval. 


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