Technology Sales Professionals

Technology Employers

  • Guaranteed Candidate Privacy and Optional Anonymity;
  • We guarantee all candidates have been screened and vetted.
  • All employers authenticated and screened;
  • Connect DIRECTLY with vetted technology sales candidates at every level.
  • All available positions are validated.;
  • Unlimited availability to candidates;
  • Tech Sales Certification based on vetted and validated tech sales career;
  • 100% FREE
  • TSI only works DIRECTLY with employers hiring for tech sales positions;
  • FREE Home Land Security employment eligibility verification services for hired candidates;
  • Exclusive Tech Sales career tools;
  • Guaranteed employer privacy and anonymity;
  • Assigned TSI advisor.
  • Employer validation and obtaining TSI Certified Employer Status included.



Tech Sales Institute (TSI) managed and operated by FitCEO, Inc. delivers exclusive tools and resources to technology sales professionals and the organizations hiring and retaining technology sales professionals. The primary focus of TSI is to DIRECTLY bring together vetted hiring employers with vetted technology sales professionals.  All member services are included and free upon Tech Sales Institute membership approval.